Cemetery By-Laws

1. Contact must be made with the Cemetery Committee before burial or marking a grave.

2. Burial Rules:

• Any church member and spouse

• Church members’ son or daughter and spouse

• Additional space could be available after Administrative Board approval

3. Due to prior arrangements or burial, there is no guarantee that all family members can be buried in a family plot or adjoining family plot.

4. Coping must be placed on said cemetery plot when plot is reserved and coping must be granite.

5. All graves are to be joined with adjacent coping: connecting one grave to the next, i.e. existing graves.

6. $300 must be given to the Cemetery Fund prior to any grave preparation if not a member.

7. All spaces available are considered vacant until coping and corners are put in place.

8. Any existing space large enough to meet requirements for burial would be utilized first.

9. Once a plot has been approved and occupied, coping and gravel must be put in place within a reasonable time.

10. Once a plot has been closed off with coping, it will be considered all the family wants in the area.

11. Coping and a headstone may be used on any gravesite, provided plastic is put down inside the coping (then gravel) to prevent grass from growing.

12. Standard measurement allowance for one (1) single grave should be 5’ x 8’ feet.

13. All funeral homes are responsible for removing all excess dirt and materials from the gravesites. Excess dirt may be placed in sunken ground areas that do not have gravel, provided the grave that has just been dug is left behind.

14. Any special cemetery request or exception, such as: in memory of a deceased person, must be approved by the Cemetery Committee.

15. Only one (1) floral arrangement is allowed per grave per season. Flowers removed are to be disposed of properly and not thrown into the wooded area. If flowers are left past season, the Cemetery Committee may remove them at their discretion.